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Rapid Roper

Innovation for today. Sustainability for tomorrow.

It all started with the RAPID Roper.

The challenge was to contain unstable loads of agricultural products using minimal packaging, while preserving the product with proper ventilation. We solved the problem with the development of our patented Rapid Roper device, able to attach to any stretch wrap equipment to apply banded film in a cross pattern for maximum containment and ventilation.

From there, the RAPID Bander was developed.

We worked with technical film engineers to develop the right combination of resins, and to create a multi-layer film structure that would withstand maximum pre-stretch levels. We married this with a second, split roll of film, understanding that the rolled edge neck-down from the split roll segments would not only increase the strength of the film, but additionally would make promulgation of punctures or tears in the film virtually impossible.

Next, we developed the Rapid Bander device, a patented, lightweight aircraft aluminum attachment that could be quickly installed on multiple types of stretch wrap equipment, which would allow the two rolls to laminate together, forming a highly reinforced containment web.

Finally, through the establishment of our Advanced Technology Laboratory, we developed rigorous testing to determine the exact combination of total on-pallet applied stretch and wrap configuration to achieve maximum containment, minimal waste, and optimum cost effectiveness.

The patented Rapid Bander System provides 3 times the load containment with half the film or less! What this means for you is greater protection, reduced product loss, and tremendous source reduction, all at a considerable savings and zero capital investment.

The Rapid Bander Stretch Wrap System is a game changer in load containment. In fact, it’s the biggest innovation in pallet containment since stretch wrap was first developed.

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