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There are many factors to consider when purchasing tape. Factors like:

Our representatives can direct you to the right tape for the job at hand. Here are a few of the choices:
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Packaging and shipping tape

Clear or colored carton sealing tape is available is a variety of widths and lengths, and may be applied by hand or machine. Customers may choose either acrylic or rubber adhesive, primarily determined by the storage conditions for the items being sealed.

These tapes may also be printed with tamper evident patterns, or with customer printing to reinforce your branding.

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Gummed paper tape

Gummed paper tape is natural, recyclable and compostable. Once applied, it creates a bond with the paper box, making it more secure. It may be printed for tamper evidence or branding.
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Reinforced tape

Reinforced tape, or filament tape, is a polypropylene or polyester film tape that has been reinforced with fiberglass threads. This tape resists stretching and tearing, offering extremely high tensile strength.