Value Analysis

Are you paying for more packaging than you need?

With a continual advancement in film structures, it only makes sense to re-evaluate the packaging material you’re using and look for new opportunities. And we’re trained and ready to help you do just that.

One of the ways we do this is through our Advanced Technology Lab, where our custom-engineered equipment tests your pallets under real-world conditions such as vibration, shifts and impacts, to identify the optimum film and containment standards to protect your product in the most efficient and cost-saving way.

Our equipment audits are another way we ensure top value for your packaging dollar. We perform regular audits of your equipment settings and material usage to ensure efficiencies remain optimized, and even work with your staff and offer training and advice for maximal output and minimal cost.

And finally, with more than three decades of film expertise, we can work with you to find film structures which may allow you to downgauge without sacrificing package strength or integrity while improving costs.