We all want to do our part in sustainability. But how do we do that without sacrificing performance or increasing costs?

These days, a lot of “greenwashing” is done with vague terms such as “green packaging” and “environmentally friendly”, even charging a premium for these “features” but giving no real factual support or measurable benefit to these claims.

That’s just not acceptable.

We’ve taken a deeper dive and looked out how to achieve sustainability from every angle, not just in terms of material resources; but also time, cost saving, and human resources, since none of these are available in unlimited quantities.

Here are some of the ways Allied supports your company in protecting the environment.

Rapid Bander


At Allied, we’re continually looking for ways to reduce packaging without sacrificing protection.

One of the ways we do this is through technologically advanced, high-performance film structures, providing superior protection and enhanced barrier qualities while often allowing customers to downgauge film.

Shrink bundling film is another option for serious source reduction, often replacing boxes or other more bulky or costly packaging. Bundling film is recyclable and eliminates the need for taping. And combined with our high-quality print graphics capability, there’s no sacrifice of product branding.

Our patented Rapid Film, used with the Rapid Bander or Rapid Roper Film Optimizer, provides unparalleled pallet load containment while reducing stretch film use by up to 70%. And by using the Rapid Bander along with shrink bundling, support trays are often eliminated.

In addition, Allied is continually adding new products with a focus on sustainability, such as fully biodegradable and compostable packaging.

Let’s discuss your company’s sustainability initiatives and help find products that are right for you.

Rapid Bander


In our manufacturing processes, we consider every possible measure to improve the environment and reduce carbon footprint. For example:

Within our facility, unused inks are put through a recycling process to separate solvents from sludge, whereupon VOC’s are destroyed through our energy efficient RTO (Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer) system.

Recyclable trim and waste from poly bag converting are baled and recycled regularly, or used in-house to create bags for our own waste collection.

Rapid Bander


Our employees and the time they spend on the job are another extremely valuable but not unlimited resource, and we make every effort to enhance their success.

Allied University, our proprietary training system, ensures employees learn to master and improve their skills in a consistent way for maximum efficiency and job performance.