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Stretch Wrappers

Are you equipped for maximum output?

Your stretch wrap equipment is the gatekeeper to product going out the door for delivery. Are you getting the most product out in the fastest time with the least amount of effort, wear and tear on your equipment?

Our representatives are stretch wrap specialists. They know every type of machine available, and can help you analyze your facility and flow-lines to recommend the equipment that is best suited for you.

  • We offer virtually all major makes and models of equipment to fit your needs.
  • Installation, training, service, and preventive maintenance is provided to get and keep you up and running.

Leasing and equipment loan options are available. Find out if you qualify!

Rapid Bander


The SML-150 model, a standard base low-profile turntable is the ideal stretch wrapping solution for your unique needs. Low-profile octagonal base design stretch wrapper.

Ideal for small footprint.

Rapid Bander


The SMH-200 model, a standard base high-profile turntable is the ideal stretch wrapping solution for your unique needs.

High-profile standard base stretch wrapper.

Perfect for various applications.

Rapid Bander


The WCA-SMART™ is a competitively-priced extra heavy duty ring-gear driven conveyorized turntable stretch wrapping system.

Our Automatic stretch wrappers maximize throughput and efficiency. They take care of everything; you only change the roll of film. An automatic stretch wrapper will save significant time and money.

Turntable stretch wrappers are ideal for wrapping stable loads of under 8,000 lbs. They are typically less expensive than rotary arm models and have a smaller footprint – a definite asset when space is at a premium.

Rapid Bander


The WRT-200 model, an semi-automatic rotary tower as the ideal stretch wrapping solution for your unique needs