Corrugated Packaging

Packaging is like a walking billboard for your company. What does your company’s packaging say about you? A package must be memorable and durable as it carries a message about you, your product and your business.

Allied Packaging can increase your company’s visibility, image and competitive edge by creating memorable packaging that impresses your present and future customers. We can enhance your business no matter what you sell or the size of your operation, by creating custom corrugated solutions for your toughest packaging challenges.

Our custom corrugated materials are manufactured to your specifications for your shipping, display and material handling needs. We offer a complete line of corrugated boxes ranging from non-test singlewall to triplewall, printed or plain.


Creative display boxes can be an extremely versatile merchandising tool. Stackable display boxes can be used one unit at a time as a countertop display, or stacked using interlocking tabs to make floorstanding promotional shelves. Allied Packaging can design and create displays tailored to your specific application.

Specialty Boxes

Gourmet foods, beverages and other specialty items require aesthetic and often unique packaging. We can assist you with the most basic to the most demanding packaging requirements, to properly showcase your product. We would appreciate the opportunity to review your needs and offer solutions.